The Future
of Patient Care

Transform your Critical Care Unit into a safer place for your patients by empowering your Physicians to make quicker and more accurate decisions.

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Reshaping care with AI and automation at the heart.

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Unlocking the potential of remote monitoring via automation

Creating an unparalleled access to real time patient data at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere.

Breakthrough artificial intelligence that delivers actionable insights

Decoding millions of complex patterns associated with the body's response to specific critical care events.


Detecting complications using prescriptive analytics.

Empowering Physicians

We at Cerebra firmly believe that it is the Physicians that lie at the heart of patient care. Our technology has been mindfully designed to be a supportive mechanism that empowers the Real Heros.

Unique diagnostic pattern

Our AI based decision support system is designed to understand that every patient is different. Our clinical algorithms thus map and differentiate between millions of patient parameters to generate a unique pattern of diagnosis.

Designed for humans. Designed by humans.

Data driven algorithms map and differentiate between several patient parameters to detect the onset of a range of complication from Sepsis to Electrolyte Imbalances such as Hypokalemia.

Improved patient safety

24/7 real time monitoring of patients via a command center or one-on-one, ensures safer and secure critical care.

Reduced burden on physicians

By automating key high volume, repetit and force tasks Cerebra enables physicians to do what matters most - critical decision making and intervention.

Reduced exposure during pandemics

Remote monitoring and access to patient data at your fingers reduces exposure during pandemics and optimizes the consumption of PPEs.

Improved standard of care

A continuous and real time access to patient data ensures there is no disruption in communication. Hence reducing the scope of medical errors and improving the overall care standards.

Core team.

Aryadatta Choudhury

Co-Founder & CEO

MBA, Warwick Business School

Mohit Nigam

Co-Founder & CTO

Ex. Rootwork, Lenksart

Oleg Yavorskiy

Senior Front-End Engineer

Dmitry Pronenko

Senior Back-End Engineer

Strategic Advisory.

Dr. Satish Prasad Rath

Physician, Scientist, Entreprenuer

Clinical Advisory.

Dr. Saptarshi Banerjee

Fellowship (Critical Care) Royal College of Anesthesia U.K.

Dr. Murali Mohan

Head of Neurosurgery - Sagar Hospitals

Dr. Gayatri Parthasarathi

Head of Neuro-anaesthesia - Sagar Hospitals


Dr. Narayanakutty Warrier

Medical Director - MVR Cancer Center